TEDxyouth talk

It was a sunny day in August, I was on my way back home from the office where I was doing the internship for my degree. I looked at my phone to see a missed call from an unknown number and a voice message. I dialed to hear the message and suddenly this woman was asking me if I wanted to participate in a congress or a conference. Anyway, long story short, I didn’t know what she was talking about. I didn’t hesitate, I called her and told her I will participate. I had already done some public speaking before that conference and I was willing to do more. It was when she told me to go to the website of the conference that I was completely shocked. This is not just any conference. This is TED. The same TED that I watched in 2011 and completely fell in love with how creative it was. I was overwhelmed. Fastforward to three months later and all the hard work that I’ve done until I was finally ready to take on the stage. I thought about quitting, multiple times during these three months. Belen didn’t like anything I sent and I was so busy with university and work, I just couldn’t catch a break. Until Belen reminded me of the project that I was doing and the message behind it. Not So Different was a project I was working on since July that same year and I just didn’t even think that I already had the idea until Belen told me that I’m already working on something special and that should be my idea for the TEDxyouth talk. The rest is history. On November 20th, I took the stage as the last talker facing more than 400 people and I talked. Here you go..

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