Not So Different _ No Tan Diferente

It was a day in July. I was on the phone with Alaa (my best friend in Syria) and we were talking about the usual stuff we talk about. Our dreams, ambitions, depression, the current situation in Syria, our lives and just about everything. Alaa was telling me about how she just wants to make her dreams come true. She wanted to study psychology but with the current situation in Syria, she was happy she was able to graduate her English Literature degree. Alaa is always positive. She inspires me so much and that phone call was not any different. The only thing was, it was time to move. Time to take the first step towards a better world. Time to stop letting the media represent us when we are able to present ourselves. So in that instant, I told Alaa “Why don’t we let that out?”. She was clearly confused and I went on to rant about my idea. In short, why not use what we have now in order to talk for ourselves. Why not use the phone camera and the internet to film ourselves talking about ourselves, to show the world that we are not scary or terrorists. We are not poor and uneducated. We are just like everyone else. The good and the bad of everyone else we have it too. Specially the young people. We have so much to offer and I felt in that moment that I needed to transmit that. I needed to be the bridge between these two worlds, because I have the chance to create the positive difference, or any difference for that matter. So I moved and I started pressuring everyone into participating (joking lol.. not really joking). Of course there was some negative feedback. Some people thought I wanted Europeans to accept us but that we didn’t need their acceptance. Some people thought the project was going nowhere and some people just didn’t believe in me. On the other hand, some people were so happy to participate, to dream and to move. So we did it and after the hard work I was finally able to gather as many videos as I needed and now I’m taking the next step. I will make this bigger.

Soon there will be a section devoted to “Not so Different” where people can watch other people from all over the world talking about their dreams and ambitions. You’ll also have the chance to submit your own video and make a difference. Stay tuned for the announcement.

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